May 24


Now the first thing to remember is that there are no rules or time outs in a gun fight you do what you have to too win.

A few years back when a family friend and DHS agent told me a story about a simple arrest he was about to make. It went bad fast and a gun battle ensued, but with his training and shooting ability he came out on top. So after he was finished with his story we began to talk about my shooting ability I told him I first taught myself to shoot and then the US Military took over and I thought they did a good job at teaching me to shoot at stationary targets but in real life the targets usually aren’t standing still this creates a problem. Most people are or can be pretty accurate at stationary targets but put movement in and it’s a whole new ball game.

What I did was tried  to come up with ideas on shooting moving target so I went to the local range and asked around and found out there is a shooting club called the IDPA which stands for international defensive pistol association. I went to a match as an observer and talked with the range officer he told me the next time I come to watch I better bring a pistol and give it a try, so I did and boy did I find out that moving targets are a whole new deal.

This is the challenge I’m making to all the wolf pack start practicing shooting moving targets it does no good to buy guns and ammo and then shoot stationary targets. Try moving targets or try moving yourself and shooting on the move. For example tonight at the IDPA match we put out 3 targets moved back 10 yards and fired 2 rounds per target, Then I reloaded and shot 2 more rounds at each target as I advanced toward them never stopping until I fired my 6th round, Then I reloaded again from the 5 yard mark and fired 2 more round into each target while retreating or moving backwards. This is a very simple drill no special equipment is needed.  You will be surprised how poor you do at first, I was but I have greatly improved in the past few years with practice, practice, and more practice until its second nature.

I suggest getting involved in a shooting club like IDPA,SASS or IPSIC or start your own within your network or group of friends it doesn’t have to be a fancy set up as long as it works for you.

There are many nice moving targets on the market but they can be expensive so start small make your own I did. There are web sites or utube videos with instructions just type in moving targets.  It can be as simple as airing up some balloon’s put a string on them and attach to a post and let them flutter in the breeze after you master that then add some different colors and only shoot certain colors without hitting the others. There are many ways to practice use your imagination to come up with different ideas if anyone has a good and easy idea share it with us.

Remember not being aware of your surroundings can get you killed.    G. tupa   5/23/12


  1. Rekister

    Is there any IDPA,SASS or IPSIC or moving target practice area in Minnesota?

    1. boone

      yes in faribault mn. IDPA matchs start this spring at the faribault rifle and pistol club

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