Mar 07

Minnesota Preppers Roll Call – All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

Minnesota Preppers, to respond to the roll call please follow this link:

  • Reply to the Roll Call and let us know what you have been doing to prepare.

If you are not yet a member of the forum you can register here for free:


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  1. RottpAK-47

    Im new to the site, So far, this site and the APN
    ROCK! I lost my job in 2008, and now we are flat broke. I have some ammo and some firearms, and now I have all the knowledge and wisdom that comes from the MPN and the APN !
    I look forward to working together.

  2. Shawnne

    I am new to the Prepper’s Network. I live in Central MN, outside of Long Prairie. I don’t have a lot of money to do a lot of prepping but am beginning to stockpile food, water, and medical supplies. I am interested in all aspects of this and welcome and ideas for those of us on a limited budget.

  3. Nate

    Nate here, Prepper from Minnesota here.

    I have visited this site off and on, i is just hard for me to stay connected to forums.

    I run a small eCommerce Site that sells survial goods and mylar bags. I also have a YouTube channel.


  4. Robert55719

    Rob here from Northern MN,

    I have been a member of APN and MPN for quite some time although I haven’t posted before.

    I was notified today that I have been appointed one of the State blog moderators so I will be working on some interesting content to post in the near future.

    I have been in the military for 23 years, served 3 combat tours and countless other deployments and schools. Me and my wife started prepping a little over a year ago starting with food and water storage, as you are all aware this is an ongoing process. I have also been planning a small garden for this year to help suplement out store bought food, I plan on canning some of it for our storage.

    If anyone has an idea for a blog they would like to see let me know, if I don’t have the experience to write it I will try to find someone who does.

    Happy Easter to all,


    1. Bill

      So not many post lol at least in awhile where up north are you I am in the duluth area.

  5. shepard

    This has been the oddest series of signs I have ever seen in my life from last fall clear thru to this early spring. I was taught to read & observe the signs that mother nature gives to all of us. They are for reading the weather, preparing for winter, planning & planting times in the spring. This year, they are all messed up. Nothing logical seems to be showing a clear way forward. I have some sheep. So far half of the lambs are dying at birth. The migrating birds have arrived in different patterns than they usually do. The robins were very late, the blue birds were early, the swans arrived in Febuary. The snow geese didn’t stop at there usual feeding areas. Fruit trees & bushes flowered very early & froze the blossoms. Is it just my area or is anyone else having these same odd signs?

  6. R K

    I am checking in from the South suburb of Minneapolis. I am prepping for the New Madrid Fault earthquake. I stocked up food and emergency supplies. Communication is key so I rely on HAM, cell and CB on top of signalling.

    Food supply is dependent on traffic along the Mississippi River. Can’t imagine what will happen if New Madrid quakes and impedes the supply line. Hungry people will mob houses. I buttress security around my house, room and other areas.

    Any preppers in the south?

  7. shepard

    Found a neighbor who had hens going broody on him. He was unhappy about it. He wanted eggs to eat. So I offered to buy them along with some eggs for them to hatch. Moved them to my hen house an am waiting for results.

  8. Rekister

    I am checking in because I live in Minnesota, south of Twin Cities

  9. Norm Halverson

    Hi glad to be aboard, a train I hope will never have to leave the station, but nevertheless will be in ready mode if,and when needed, I am 69, and semi retired, and have had a lot of free time on my hands to do a lot of research on the internet, and have found, that it is not easy to seperate the the wheat from the chaff, with all the doomsdayers, and debunkers throwing brics at each other. But you have to be brain dead not to at least recognize that a plan is needed, and preperation is always prudent. I believe that those that live in the northern tier states of Mn. Mi. Wisc. are in a unique position to withstand many calamities that could befall humanity, be it natural or man made. For instance if one were located in the baudette minnesota area, other than cold weather, and an infrequent tornado, you would understandibly would not have to worry about tsunamis or hurricanes, and since that area is close to the center of the contenent, and north american tetonic plate, earth quakes would not be a worry, and the only nuclear power plant sits about 800 miles north west in canada, you would not have to be immediatly concerned, with the multitude that sit to the south( of course a disaster the might damage nuclear power plants anywhere on this planet would be a huge concern later). But it seems that an economic or political implosion “is” the immediate concern and one would want his/her family to be connected with a group of people well prepared and planning the responses to many “what if” scenarios

  10. shepard

    Hi, This is a good day for checking in. -25* F this morning. Took care of the animals after getting the wood fire blazing again. Animals were happy to see food & water. Heating this old house using wood for the third winter. I’m trying to relearn all of the skills or ways of doing things that my family did until the R.E.A. came around when I was turning 13. A good water supply is the hardest part. Root cellar works very well. Have a small cold storage room in the house located on the north wall. It stays between 42 & 50 degrees most of the fall, winter & spring. I’ve watch many of my older neighbors move out to warmer climates over the last three winters. Many of their places have been sold to Minnesota people but they don’t seem to be preppers for the most part. Couple of places east of me were broke up into 10 acre lots. Some of those seem to be people planning for hard times. Had to have my right knee repair in november. I can now get out on milder days for walks in the woods again. Looking forward to berry picking & gardening again this year. Most of my supplies are in good shape. Had to buy five cords of oak this year. Also Hay for the sheep for the winter. Couldn’t trust my knee to do my own collecting. If things continue as they are now, I should be able to acquire more of the items needed for long range use. If not, I still have enough to survive while I change whatever planning I need too. I’m slowly learning who I can barter with in this area. Most of the older people don’t barter anymore. Several of the younger ones do. That surprised me. Live & learn. Shepard.

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